Museum Café

Museum Café

The Museum Café is accessible for non-visitors. The café's menu includes Dutch-Jewish classics, such as Fish Cakes and Pear Kugel. As well as delicious Apple Nut Cake and sandwiches. The café also serves coffee, tea, lunch and a range of drinks and snacks. The Museum Café is not under Rabbinical supervision. However, for the selections on our menu, we mainly work with a well-established kosher bakery and caterer.

Opening hours

Daily 11.00 - 17.00.


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All the ingredients for dishes on this menu are prepared and/or purchased from suppliers 'Under Rabbinical Supervision'. The Museumcafé itself does not have kashrut certification. For those who find this important, there is a separate display case offering kosher-certified products. Everything served in our restaurant is either dairy or parve (neutral, vegan). If you need more information, please speak to someone from the Museumcafé staff.

Free Wi-Fi

The Jewish Historical Museum now offers free wireless internet throughout the museum. Check-in on foursquare, update your status on Facebook, visit our website, e-mail or just send a tweet to your followers from the museum galleries. There's a reading table and computers offer direct access to the collection database, the museum website and a range of Jewish sites.

Lunch arrangements for groups

Groups who book a program can also reserve a lunch or coffee/tea arrangement. If you want to make a reservation, please contact the Museum Café: T +31 (0)20 5 310 334 (monday until friday 9.00 - 17.00) or E Museum Café

Group lunches are available for groups up to 25 persons. If you would make a reservation for more than 25 persons, the group will be split.

You can choose from the following options:

Regular lunch menu à € 13,50; two luxury sandwiches, small pastry, jus d'orange, milk and mineral water.

A 'typical' Jewish lunch à € 15,50; on the table multiple types of sandwichfilling and small snacks (eggsalad, latke with apple-sauce, tuna salad, gefilte fish, creamcheese, smoked salmon, fishcookies with mustard), with different sorts of bread, horseradish sauce, butter and salad. 

Coffee/tea arrangement à € 2,20; coffee/tea and cookies, or à € 5,00 coffee/tea and bolus/brownie/butter biscuit.