Joint Projects

BankGiro Lottery 
The Jewish Historical Museum is a beneficiary of the BankGiro Lottery, the cultural lottery of the Netherlands. Thanks to the participants, the BankGiro Lottery annually pays out tens of millions to museums and other cultural institutions throughout the country. For instance, an organisation can use the funds to purchase an important artwork that is a unique addition to their collection or to finance a restoration.

The BankGiro Lottery granted nearly € 60 million to 62 Dutch cultural institutions in 2009. These gifts (half of the total stake of nearly € 120 million) were made possible by the BankGiro Lottery's nearly 800,000 participants. Last year, four new cultural institutions were added to the list of beneficiaries: the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities), Vereniging Rembrandt (Rembrandt Society), TwentseWelle Museum and Artis, Amsterdam's city zoo for the revitalisation of their Groote Museum (former Ethnographic Museum).

In 2009, the BankGiro Lottery realised a growth of 2.6%. With a donation of 50%, the lottery not only supports unique cultural institutions that attract many visitors and have a national reach but also often those with a regional character. What all these beneficiaries share further is passion, entrepreneurship and vision - in terms of content as well as marketing and fundraising. In the interest of art, culture and heritage in the Netherlands, the Jewish Historical Museum urges you to participate in the BankGiro Lottery:

Plantage aan het Water
The Jewish Historical Museum is one of fifteen cultural organisations in Amsterdam's Plantage district involved in Plantage by the Water, a project designed to raise the cultural profile of the eastern section of the city centre and to attract more cultural tourism. Read on

Amsterdam Museums
Amsterdam Museums is a collective promotional campaign launched by museums associated with MOAM. The campaign features an attractively designed free map of Amsterdam and a website. Both are principally aimed at foreign tourists.

Amsterdam Museum Night
Amsterdam's first Museum Night was held in 2000. The idea originated in Berlin, where the Long Night of Museums had already been an annual event for ten years. In 2003 a separate organisation was created in the form of the Museumnacht Amsterdam (N8) Foundation. Besides Museum Night, the foundation is also involved in numerous collective projects to promote Amsterdam's museums, including Nachtsalon (Night Salon) and MuseumMail. Read on

Organisation of Amsterdam Museums (OAM)
OAM's mission is to improve cooperation between museums and associated institutions and between these institutions and other sectors of society through discussions at managerial level about joint policies and commercial projects. OAM also regulates the exchange of information and the determining of joint positions regarding for example prices, posters and problems relating to art and planning. Read on