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The Museum shop offers a wide selection of modern Jewish literature, books about Judaism, cds of Jewish music (klezmer, hazanut, Sephardi music, Yiddish songs and classical music) and gifts.

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ROEMENIE omslag voor

SECOND PRINTING: From Dada to Surrealism. Jewish avant-garde artist from Romania
Amsterdam, 2012 (Dutch/English)
ISBN: 9789080202986
Price: € 14,95
From 1 June until 2 October 2011, the JHM presented a survey exhibition of the work of Jewish avant-garde artists from Romania. In the 1920s, artists such as Victor Brauner (1903-1966), Marcel Janco (1895-1984), and Max Herman Maxy (1895-1971) astonished the public with their fearless experimentalism. Surrealist, abstract, and expressionistic works, picto-poetry, and personal variations on Constructivism - nothing was too radical for them. More than seventy works of art from the period 1910-1938  are brought together in this richly illustrated book. A second printing of the publication is now available in the Museum Shop.

Grisha Brus
kin. A
lefbet, Tapestry Project
By Boris Groys
Bas Breisig, Palace Editions, 2006, 192 pages (color)
ISBN: 9783938051429
€ 52,95
This volume documents Grisha Bruskin's monumental, multi-part 'Alefbet' tapestry project, recently completed in collaboration with a host of Russian artisanal weavers. Populated by 160 mythological characters indexed in a detailed glossary, the tapestries are united by themes from Biblical, mythological, Kabbalistic and folklore traditions, as interpreted by this important Russian Jewish artist. This work is one of the highlights in the exhibition Judaism: A World of Stories.

From Lowly Metaphor to Divine Flesh: Sarah the Ashkenazi, Sabbatai Tsvi's Messianic Queen and the Sabbatian Movement

By Alexander van der Haven
Amsterdam, Menasseh ben Israel Institute Studies vii, 2012, 79 pages, English.
ISBN: 9789081586054
Price: € 10,00
Available in the Museum Shop and at MBII
cohen My name is Cohen
By Daniel Cohen and Mischa Cohen, preface by Arnon Grunberg
Amsterdam, &Cohen publishers, 2011.
ISBN: 9789081823203
Price: € 20,00
My name is Cohen is a serie of portraits by Daniel Cohen (photo's) and Mischa Cohen (text). They searched for twenty five Cohen's from different generations and backgrounds: male, female, orthodox, agnostic, pro- and anti- Israel, Jewish, non-Jewish, Shoah's first, second and third generations - in My name is Cohen all their stories are told.
boek Saul Leiter Early Color. Saul Leiter
Introduction by Martin Harrison.
UK, Steidl & Partners.
ISBN: 3-86521-139-2
Prijs: € 44,50
For the exhibition New York Reflections Steidl Publishing House decided to reprint Early Color. The first edition of this publication was sold out in no time. A magnificent book with one hundred scenic color photographs from the work of Saul Leiter.

50 Jewish Artists You Should Know
by Edward van Voolen
London, Prestel Publishing, 2011, 160 pages.
ISBN: 978-3791345734
Price: € 19,95
The latest book in the successful 50 series, this introduction to the icons of Jewish art celebrates the religion and its culture while addressing fundamental issues about creative expression and the Judaic tradition. The range of artists includes those from across Europe, North America, and Israel: icons of ineteenth-century art such as David Oppenheim, Solomon Hart, and Maricy Gottlieb; renowned modernists such as Pissarro, Modigliani, and Chagall; and photographers from Man Ray to Nan Goldin. This wonderfully illustrated book introduces readers to the world's most important Jewish artists.

Salom Italia Salom Italia's Esther Scrolls and the Dutch Golden Age
By Sharon Assaf en Emily D. Bilsky
Amsterdam, Jewish Historical Museum and Menasseh Ben Israel Instituut, 52 pages (English)
Price: € 9,95
During the Dutch Golden Age in Amsterdam, the engraver Salom Italia, a Ashkenazi Jew born in Mantua in 1619, invented a new style of decoration for the scrolls that told the biblical story of Esther. His original decorations reflect the successful integration of Spanish and Portuguese Jews into their new homeland, the Netherlands. The scrolls were brought together in the exhibition The Triumph of Identity.
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